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EUPO - European University Professors of Ophthalmology

EUPO 2024 announcement
Announcement EUPO 2024
EUPO Courses Info
The European University Professors of Ophthalmology (EUPO) is a long-time organiser of an annual course for European residents who train in ophthalmology since 1988. The EUPO Course is a structured learning experience with a faculty representing different regions of Europe, the topic of which rotates between subspecialties in a four year cycle. This allows residents to get a balanced overview of theoretical knowledge during their residency period. 

The syllabus parallels the four viva voces in the European Board of Ophthalmology Diploma Examination, emphasizes what is new in the last four years, and includes case-based teaching experiences.

EUPO Course On-demand
EUPO Courses On-Demand

The following EUPO courses are now available to watch on-demand for those who registered for those courses. 

- EUPO Course 2021
- EUPO Course 2022
- EUPO Course 2023

In order to view the course on-demand you need to:
1- be registered and 
2- logged into your account. 

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Overview of the previous EUPO Courses.
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